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(n) A rank collection of dust, formed by years of dead skin, dried farts, and dandruff that collects on office chairs or anyplace else people put their gross asses.
Philly was doing his 'Ace Ventura' bit when he slammed his face onto an office chair. You should have seen the gigantic cloud of ass dust that exploded out of it.
by wilsonhenderson January 18, 2010
(n.) hockey player blessed with great skill; executes dangerous and malicious plays without regard.

(adj.) athlete who talks like a fighter, only to hide behind teammates and officials.
" I wanted to pound on that guy for cheap-shotting my left winger, but he ran away and hid inside the locker room. What a corey perry"
by wilsonhenderson March 28, 2009
v. The act of making someone pay for your purchase because you have intentionally or unintentionally, forgotten your wallet.
Classic reach fake!
by wilsonhenderson June 25, 2010
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