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Tony Blair's successor as George W. Bush's bitch.
Bush : Ok little cunt, it's time to invade Iran!

Sarkozy : I have 500 000 men at your service, all ready to surrender.

Bush : Oh boy, do I miss Blair.
by willywannabite August 21, 2007
Someone who doesn't understand that his own people is just as full of shit as the next one.

Someone who always think his people/country is pure and innocent and the bad guys are always on the other side.

Someone who should meditate on his own mistakes before rushing into criticizing others.
Racist Guy : I think muslims are barbarian who beat their wives and kill innocent people.
So basically I will prove myself more civilized than them by bombing their countries, raping their wives and killing their innocent children.
by willywannabite August 21, 2007
A long warm-up session for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal before the final that oppose them.
Nadal and Federer will make it to the final of this Grand Slam tournament. The only question is how many sets will they drop on the way.
by willywannabite September 03, 2007
Something men seek when they can't get a girl.
I know when I'm talking about. Power!
by willywannabite September 03, 2007
A woman who pretends being attracted by other women only to annoy men.
Lesbianism is just hysterical bullshit. Dykes actually dream of a huge dick right down their asses.
by willywannabite September 02, 2007

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