3 definitions by willyMC

the numerous items requiered in order to roach a spiff, baccy, roach, lighter, doobie, lighter etc.
oi, nigga, get us some buffdenalabee, i wana roach a spliff
by willyMC May 11, 2004
The idge of cheese, like to cheese(idge). When the cheese needs to be Idged one needs to idge the cheese, or undergo cheesidge.
Hows the cheesidge going? i'm just idging the cheese now
by willyMC May 11, 2004
The study of cheesidge, in depth university course on cheesidge and the history of th idge of cheese
what are you studying at university? oh, just cheesidgeology
by willyMC May 11, 2004

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