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1 definition by willowtreewhispers

Makaio means gift of God in the Hawaiian language and only truly blessed souls are bestowed with this name. Makaio is naturally very handsome, intellectual and caring person who has a true heart. He is someone who teaches you how to love and respect love, to nurture it and give it full attention. the care he gives others is unconditional and surpasses any other type of care you will ever receive in the universe. upon seeing him, you will be instantly attracted to his kindly gaze. he is one who will be there by you through thick or thin and would keep an eye on you to make sure you are never falling. he's creative, gentle, genuine and strong. His physical attractiveness is magnificent and his heart even more purer than the waters of the seas. He is passionate, loyal, comforting and will always have a special spot in your heart once you meet. An inspiring person who inspires you to be a better person each day.
makaio is the greatest man to set foot on earth and he is loved by all.
by willowtreewhispers July 07, 2010