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A Kick Ass song By Breaking Benjamin.
very soothingput it on if you have had a bad day.
I put on the song "rain" because i had a bad day
by Willie the Great April 20, 2005
The Best Collegue in the world
I wish i could go to Rice
by Willie the Great April 20, 2005
a good game that eventualy gets boring after a few months. and will eventualy take yr sous
travis:i have to play wow forever
Me: pussy
by Willie the Great March 25, 2005
1. A Nickname for San Fransisco
2. A Nickname for one of my friends, Statten Corwin, #13,Kick-Ass Basketball Player
1. I'm heading over to sco for some chow
2. You see Sco dunk that ball he's a total Balla
by Willie the Great May 08, 2005
A Great Song by "Breaking Benjamin"
Firefly Could you shine your light
Now I know your ways
'cause they're just like mine
Now I'm justified
As I fall in line
And it's hard to try
When you're open wide
by Willie the Great April 21, 2005

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