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a crazy patch you put on your arm that makes even opiate tolerant people get all spacey and fucked up. Duragesic is the brand name.
my boyfriend's on the fentanyl patch... he can hardly carry on a conversation without spacing out... man that shit is whack...
by willie the dog September 24, 2003
a cheap skeletal muscle relaxant that is widely abused by people who aren't aware of anything better out there to abuse.
"That chick took 18 somas... didn't she know that 4 valium would do the same thing?"
by willie the dog September 24, 2003
Super Sexy Guy, as retarded Ashley writes on all her retard work for her retard class.
Allante' is SSG ... if she wasn't so retarded, she would know that the correct way to say it would be 'Allante is A SSG' but she's a retard...
by willie the dog September 24, 2003

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