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5 definitions by willie boy

someone who is a sexy flexy ass nigga.
Girl1: did u see that guy
Girl2: hell yeah he look mad bosze bosze
by willie boy January 22, 2008
5 2
some 1 who is a big ass twards u. or some who messes ur joke up
guy1:you check out my out my package

guy2: you mean your penis

guy1:no cunt masterflex i really ment my package from the mail
by willie boy January 30, 2008
4 2
someone who is a big Bitch twards someone
(guy1)yo check out my bling (guy2)dude who cares your such a CHUbI
by willie boy January 12, 2008
2 6
sum one whoo bitches 2 much nd isz mad dramatic
joseph: dame willie boy u stepped on my shoes

willie boy: stop bitching

jospeh: no nigga these are my new shoes

willie boy: ur acting like a muffin bitch u suck man
by willie boy January 30, 2008
3 17
guy1:yo son i would love to pta that girl

guy2:dude you need to stopp speaking like that. but true i would do that
by willie boy January 30, 2008
5 51