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An abbreviation of the term strazzer, a term used to describe white heterosexual males.

Can only be used by white heterosexual males.
"What a fuckin straz"

"If I can't call you a nigger, you can't call me a strazzer"
by williamwallace365 May 31, 2009
A derogatory term used by white heterosexual males to describe white heterosexual males. Only they can call themselves that, if anyone else uses the term its offensive. Basically the white version of Nigger.

Women, other ethnicities, or other sexual affiliations that use the word are committing a major act of ignorance. It is very offensive for a non strazzer to use the term. Only strazzers may use the term.

Originates from the term "straight white dude".
"That is one lazy Strazzer"

"I can't believe she called him a strazzer to his face! Im surprised he didn't kill her for that!"

"That fuckin straz thinks he's the shit."

"That party was pretty strazzy"
by williamwallace365 May 31, 2009

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