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3 definitions by william scholes

Term given to the ridiculous amount of eye make up, combined with the black clothes, and white, pale face of a typical emo.
"look at that emo panda, it looks the same as all the others, how unique..."
by william scholes October 18, 2006
To be totally confused. To have red hair. To be born with an inherent cute and cuddly personality.
"I'm afraid you're suffering from Catnach Syndrome, you may only have a week of normality left.
by william scholes October 18, 2006
Gagging for something they will never get, tries too hard. When rejected cries and turns to whales of the female variety, eg: fatty fatty fatty or shmoo the whale.
"God, Ian is such a sex pest, he ended up with shmoo again!"
by William Scholes May 11, 2008