73 definitions by william

internet porn
' My wife caught me looking at a tusty site'
by William October 12, 2003
A girl with a messed up lookin horse face and a huge butt (buterface)
people think she's hot cuz they never seen a light skinned woman with a black girls butt before (it's something new and exotic at the moment). I'd do her, but I'd take JLO or Pam Anderson over her anyday... Word is she has dated Usher in the past.
Josh:dude, it's Vida!

James:ya but she only goes for brothas & latinos, so youre outta luck
by william April 05, 2005
The act of removing a natural, normal body part, that most Americans think is a birth defect that every man just "happens to have"
That boy has some mysterious growth around the head of his penis, just like every other boy in the world! He should get a circumcision
by William May 07, 2003

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