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Anything that surpasses 1337,sweetness, teh hax, or other words used to define superiority. The word ubar is a misspelling of uber, which is "super" in German.
Liek i r teh ubar bcuz mai compy pwnz joo
by William Woody June 02, 2006
The perfect definition of emo, another band like Green Day listened to while cutters slice their arms up.
<Abused Emo Child> I like The Used
<Sane Person> I like your mom in my bed
<Abused Emo Child> OMG!!11!!1!!!1!1eleventyone!!1 Im gonna go slice up my body
<Sane Person> Try your jugular
by William Woody November 29, 2005
The coolest thing to scream over Xbox live everytime you hit/kill/pwn/dominate anyone.
<1337haxx0r69> OMG SHORYUKEN!!!11!!!111!!!11!!!!1
<Icantplaygames> u r annoying, go get a g/f dude
<1337haxx0r69> I have one...jenny .jpeg
by William Woody November 29, 2005
Total Wanker, he fibbles his vagina and watches dogs fuck women. Orgys seem to be his specialty. He likes women who have a ROB. Oh and hes fat.
Dude, you seen Zeno? Hes like 325 lbs and dates a whore down the road.

Zeno cant be seen in public becuase of how fat he is.

Zeno is 6'4" and 302lbs.
by William Woody January 15, 2005
Fucking Man Boobs

The act of rubbing your penis all over an older mans boobs. Works best with chest hair.
"Dude, me and Bob had such a good time FMB all night"

"I like FMB, its the only thing I live for"
by William Woody August 26, 2005
A fag that lives only for his nightly internet show. The only good part of his show is when Neil Hamburger shows up and shits on everybody.

"Welcome to the Tom Green show, tonights guest is Neil Hamburger!"

"lol u guyz r a buncha barrel rawlers lol"

"Drew, I want you back Drew...WHY?!"
by William Woody October 15, 2007

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