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A new music genre created by Jenovah front man Nick W. An ukadoo (pronounced Oo-kuh-doo) is a song that tells a very unusual story, usually accompanied by background music.
An ukadoo may or may not have any instruments being played. An ukadoo is almost always improvised.
Did you hear the new ukadoo by the Triangular Blueberries? It's awesome! But it's really weird, though.
by willeatforfood May 11, 2007
A strange phenomenon in which masses of unintelligent people flock to a particular location to participate in a "Vine" on a large scale. What makes this such an interesting phenomenon is the they are sheeping to certain indiviuals who are what are considered "Paris Hiltons" aka not known for doing anything of any real value for the world, rather just being famousfor being famous.
Jerome Jarre: "Hello everyone, I will be doing a supervine in central park this Saturday with Curtis Lepore, Jessi Smiles and Marcus Johns!"

Audience: "Oh i'll go there and be in the vine and get famous!"
by Willeatforfood October 06, 2013

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