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great chick one of the best keeps her mind out out of her ass unlike most girls i know

awsome, hot assed, talks like a sailor/13 yr old boy,hot angel, stacked,swings back,flirty,plus sized(you wouldn't notice though), throws a good punch, great smile, acts good(is better in bed), knows what shes doing,smart,polite(seriously), dirty mind(dirtier actions),great boobs,did i mention HOT-ASSED????
dude:"wow TESS is such a nun, shes so quiet and smart"
guy:"uh you've never met her have you?"
dude:"ya we did a chem. project together, she kept saying stuff about the size of your hands and how good i was at chem. asked me almost constantly how to work different things"
guy:"how stupid are you?!!? o wait she talked about the size of MY hands?! no wonder shes been flirting with me!!! i think ill return the favor, she has a nice rack"
dude:"you say that like i hadnt noticed;)"
#rack #hot #manners #dirty #good #better #best
by will.i.am?(sob) March 10, 2010
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