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12 definitions by wilhelmina plowes

The woman which vagina is fulfilled of cum during the orgasm.
" Every women says that to feel a complete orgasm they must be creampied in the vagina".
by Wilhelmina Plowes January 24, 2010
It is a brazilian portuguese slang meaning the same as dick, cock, prick.

É um termo de gíria do português brasileiro, com o significado de pau, cacete, pica, caralho.
At 17 y.o.,he was already 1,80 m high, but his dick was still quite small..

Aos 17 anos, já tinha 1,80 m de altura, mas sua pimboca era ainda bem pequena.
by Wilhelmina Plowes December 24, 2009
Unfuckable is the penis useless to fuck, not because the lack of erection, but due to its very small size, equal or inferior to 4 cm ( or 2 inches ) when erect, turning impossible the intercourse in the vagina ( ups and downs), to achieve the orgasm. In such cases, to obtain it, is necessary to use a penis pump to masturbate. The same occur with the buried ( in the pelvis) penises. Many times, the improper size refers only to the length of the organ, not the girth, that can be large ( only a big head outside the pelvis, but totally useless to move ).
" His unfuckable penis has a big mushroom head, but its length is only the length of that head, without a exterior shaft to sustain it."
by Wilhelmina Plowes December 26, 2009
Group of under age boys or girls ( less than 18 y.o. in most countries and states of USA ) forbidden to fuck by law.
"These gorgeous girls are already woomen but are unfuckables by law, because they don't have yet 18 years old."
by Wilhelmina Plowes January 02, 2010
A brazilian portuguese slang for vulva, pussy. In portuguese of Portugal, the meaning is completly different: purse, pouch. That slang is very used in theUnited States where there are big colonies of brazilians: state of Massachusets, Newark, NJ, New York City and states of California and Florida.
" She is not so beautiful as her sister, but has a very nice boceta ( or pussy )."

" Ela não tão bonita como a sua irmã, mas tem uma ótima boceta"
by Wilhelmina Plowes January 15, 2010
A penis with a very large head
" His dick is the mushroom head penis type, with the girth of the head much larger than the shaft, as many women like."
by Wilhelmina Plowes January 26, 2010
The glans, the penis head
"His penis is so short that it is only a knob"
by Wilhelmina Plowes January 07, 2010