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Used in the case of someone who is a womaizer and is good with women but shit at everything else. fortunes fool when it comes to everything but women.

And to quote Jay-Z
Guy 1: " So Steve, Wha's Shakin' Baby?!Wha's Happenin'Anythin' Bad?"

Steve: "To quote Jay I got 99 Problems But a Bitch Aint One"
by wilfordicus May 19, 2009
This termonology can be used in two scenarios, the first being used as a insult, usually behind someones back, and is a derogative from the 'Wanker' and the term comes from someone mumbling it.

The second scenario can be used as a cry, as appose to a snide comment, shouting it out as someone trips over or makes a blunder
Example 1
"Hey you seen that fat kid trying to score with that new girl?"

"*sniggers* Wangaa"

Example 2:
'After two teenagers see a elderly gentleman fall over one cries out'

by wilfordicus May 19, 2009
A manatee used in chatrooms or such as an elaboration off :3
Guy 1: |:3

Guy 2: Whoaaaaa! A manatee I'm freaking outtt!!!
by wilfordicus July 04, 2009
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