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4 definitions by wiley

Short for ESKIMO
1. A form of urban music
2. A cold hearted person
3. cold weather
4. something that is good and has appeal
1. Did you hear that new eski tune
2. That boy is eski
3. Its eski outside
4. That hat is eski
by Wiley December 17, 2003
52 32
boarding school in north georgia; hell on earth
luckily, i was not invited back to rabun gap.
by wiley December 20, 2003
43 29
New York State
Ortem's moving to NYS
by Wiley October 14, 2003
11 3
Samwon describes something as cool or awesome. It started out as a typo for a word on a piece of armor on a MMORPG, but gained popularity with those who heard of the odd typo.
Jenny is so samwon, I should ask her to the prom.
by Wiley September 22, 2003
3 0