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In modern parlance the term "hermit" tends to be applied to anyone living a life apart from the rest of society, regardless of their motivation.

I came up with "shermit" & can be applied as the female character as such.

My ex started calling me this "hermit" after we first split up several years ago. I actually found it amusing and so thus I added a spin to it and claimed it as my own...by simply adding an (s) in front of the more masculine form of the word...which is known as "hermit"
In the Friday the 13th series, the character Jason Voorhees was believed to have died after he drowned as a child. However, this later changed when it was revealed that he survived and lived life as a hermit- only to enter a murderous rage when he witnesses the death of his mother seemingly years later (which was during the events of the original film).
In the series Yogi Bear, we see a character Herman the Hermit, who ends up teaming up with a lonely boy to ruin Yogi, Boo Boo (Yogi Bear) and the rest of the characters, Christmas. However, at the end, they're shown the error of their ways.
In the popular anime Dragon Ball, a martial-arts master named Muten Roshi is often referred to as a Turtle Hermit, despite the fact that over the course of the series characters are often visiting or even living in his island home.

A Shermit could be substituted as a female version of all that I just previously referenced above.
by wildchildrose1967 February 03, 2010
1)Stylites (from Greek stylos, "pillar") or Pillar-Saints are a type of Christian ascetic who in the early days of the Byzantine Empire stood on pillars preaching, fasting and praying. They believed that the mortification of their bodies would help ensure the salvation of their souls.

2)A person(s) who is thought to be considered by several, other than self..to be an authority on a wide variety of this and that. Looked to as an example...very conscientious...watched & studied more than the average par-tay. Known for raising and setting the bar.
1)The first stylite was probably Simeon Stylites the Elder who climbed on a pillar in Syria in 423 and remained there until his death 37 years later.

There were many others who were not so famous and even women Stylites were known. One or two isolated attempts seem to have been made to introduce this form of asceticism into the West but it met with little favour.

2) Writers, music artists, dancers, canvas artists, designers, photographers, producers, screen writers, evangelists, preachers, teachers..etc..any person or persons that promotes intellect, creativity, and a positive quality of life towards the world and others around them.
by wildchildrose1967 February 04, 2010
In relation to the commercial act, of being bombarded with mailing circulars, with a predisposition of appealing to the consumer, by offering shop by mail credit, via the publication and delivery to your home or email address, which includes products that are offered, that can be engraved or monogrammed..with the particular items being showcased in the mailed out circular or emailed to you, with your family members and friends names as with the present example shown to you, in the junk mail sent out to you as an individual consumer, from info that has derived from adware akin to your use of the internet and social media, by way of either your postal address or email address!
She was really getting tired of all the starking, that was being done through her private postal address, by way of various mail order catalogs and companies! The stark approach was absolutely and utterly annoying and unwarranted!
by wildchildrose1967 November 19, 2014
A spontaneous capturing of a life event or person on film.
When you decide to take a photo at random without forethought.

Lisa was excited about the snapture she had taken of Greg.
by wildchildrose1967 January 10, 2012

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