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A deathcore/death metal band out of Glendale Arizona, which slowly gained popularity due to their "girl scream" in their most popular, and slightly overrated song titled: "Entombment of a Machine". Thousands upon thousands of "hardcore kids" made it a priority to obtain their merchandise, and as the band began to seem like sellouts, Jonny Davy, vocalist and founder of the band mouthed off to Hot Topic saying, "Job For A Cowboy is too hardcore for Hot Topic". Almost instantly Hot Topic removed any and all merch the band had given to them to sell. The band now hides behind Jonny Davy's problems, and many harsh labels, playing guitar that is tuned too low for anyone to possibly transcribe. Acceptional guitar playing is unseen, and their drummer Jon Rice's tallents, although godly, remain unnoticed.
JFAC fan #1: "Too bad Jonny Davy had to run his mouth. Now its almost impossible to find anything with a Job For A Cowboy logo on it!"

JFAC fan #2: "I know! Their shirt designs were so cool too!"
by wildchild666 February 16, 2009

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