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(NOUN) Origin:Fremont CA. Also know as "GK". A male of Glenmoor residency, most commonly known to be white, and to supply themselves with an endless amount of booze, and or types of illegal paraphernalia. Known to wear Sperry's Top Siders, as well as Nike Janoski's, maybe even with such apparel as a polo, khaki pants/shorts, maybe a long with a North Face jacket.

*If ever in need of such person, either follow the trail of pool water that may follow closely behind, or make way to the senior benches*

-For many are in fact a "GK" yet only one is know to have actually BRANDED himself with the so-called title of "GK", which is know to be found on his gluteus maximus, for this is only known by word of mouth. Pictures have surfaced, yet have been kept under extreme surveillance.

-Source of many broken hearts, and well remembered drunken incidents.
For if one was to attend Glenmoor Elementary, he is to be given the title of a Glenmoor King.
by WILDCAT December 02, 2013
Having a large vulva/vagina capable of accomodating more than one customer simultaneously puts you into this category.
Jane didn't even budge or wink an eye when Peter accidentaly reversed his Chevy into her Butterfly House while she was lying down on the driveway, legs spread (no undies), mending her own wheels.
by Wildcat March 04, 2003
Is a code word for sex. I made it up in high school, so people that didn't know what it was still thought we were good kids
Tyson & Lindsay just left to go read the bible.
by wildcat February 08, 2005
A very tall nunchaku yielding midget having a micropenis excuse for a penis.
Oh my god! Run for your lives! It's a Chalee!!!
by Wildcat May 29, 2003
phillipino girl who likes to think shes oriental.

thinks ugly guys are hot and loves immature guys
STOP being a kugel!!! That guy is ugly as hell!!!
by wildcat December 01, 2003
A phillipino girl that has the hots for a guy named yeung.
See I told you. She loves immature guys
Its donnie and now its kevin. How low can you get?
by wildcat July 10, 2004
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