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A solid deuce followed by an unexpected gusher of explosive diarrhea.
I thought I just had to drop a digger, but instead I ripped the biscuits and gravy!
by wild chewbacca November 11, 2011
A penis capable of an emphatic discharge, either by velocity, distance or both.
I made a real mess with my spooge launcher last night. I still haven't found all of it yet.
by wild chewbacca September 11, 2011
1). The rancid aroma of a vagina thats been pounded to the point of dryness by a condom wrapped penis.
Ex. " Now that Lisa has burnt rubber cooter, we had to cancel dinner with her parents, there is no hiding that smell!"
by wild chewbacca August 22, 2011
This master-class level sex technique comprised of a hand-job and simultaneous mouth vacuum of a mans grundle.
Kasey gave me a vicious "Hansel and Grundle" last night and drained every drop of sap out of my sack, she is a keeper!
by wild chewbacca November 22, 2011
Being in a bad spot where things officially can't seem to get any worse.
Congratulations, we've just arrived in "deuceville" and you my friend, are the mayor.
by wild chewbacca November 12, 2011
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