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Ciricidin Cough & Cold Tablets, These are a highly potent dissociative legal drug that come in the form of small red tablets that resemble skittles. The term trittles comes from a person inebriated by this mind expanding agent, who slurred "I'm skipping on trittles."
I can't believe Uuuurrrkk always gets away with stealing trittles from walgreens
by Wild Drunken Bill April 25, 2007
the state of mind and overall feeling of a dextromethorphan trip.

When one is "skipping on trittles," he/she is completely overcome by the dissociative mind expanding state, wandering a world void of dimension and reason, where the colours take control the rainbows flow from evry crevace of the brain.
See how big his eyes are!? I'm tellin' you, he's skipping on trittles again."
by Wild Drunken Bill April 25, 2007
a disgusting concoction mistaken for food in the prison system.

the jailhouse burrito is completely unrelated to an actual burrito, and contains none of the same ingredients; one is to assume it is named for appearance.

to make a jailhouse burrito, 2 - 3 bags of doritos are crushed and mixed together in one bag with a chopped up slim jim and a sauce to alter flavour (ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, soap, potato vodka, etc.). a small ammount of water is added (about 1/4 the bag), and it is sealed up and allowed to sit.

after a while, the water causes the crushed-up doritos to expand, encompassing the other ingredients and holding them static in the loaf (burrito).

the bag is cut away with a shiv, revealing a dorito-bag-shaped, salty dorito-based loaf with a similar appearance to a large wet burrito.

it is truly sickening, and can cause diarrhoea in a stomach that is not accustomed to the atrocious food eaten by prisoners.

not recommended to be tried by free humans.

or animals.

(this is a real recipe)
Tank sold Toofless-J to Hector for one of them bad ass jailhouse burritos he's always makin'.
by Wild Drunken Bill July 18, 2008
framatta (derived from seudoroman, "from out of") cheese is the gunky, encrusted, odiferous, smegma-like substance that builds up in one's anal crevasse after several days without general hygiene. daily harvesting is considered best for one's health.
o yeah? well in my culture, cappies are forcefed fremented framatta cheese.
by Wild Drunken Bill August 06, 2007
a British adaptation of the American slang term, "the shit," used in reference to something that is superb, outstanding, amazing, or the best of its general category.

Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) popularised the term in his short animated series, "The Rotten Fruit."
Have you seen the new Shelby Mustang? it's the real dog's bullet.
by Wild Drunken Bill March 25, 2007
a relatively small gang based in Lansing, Michigan; essentially, the Lansing small-town-version of the Mexican Mafia.

It is not a serious crime syndicate ((such as the Italian Mafia or Russian Bratva, LA-based gangs ("Crips" and "Bloods"), AVLN ("Vice Lords"), of Hong-Kong Triad Society)), but rather a small group of masquerading emulators known (and often prosecuted) for distribution of controlled substances, especially Marijuana.

the name is not five-hundred-seventeen, but rather five-one-seven, and is derived from the telephone area code for Lansing/Mid-Michigan.
the other day on my way home, i saw 3 mitsubishis pull up and about 20 asian mafia dudes jump out and whoop the ungodly fuck out of these 2 kids from the 517.
by Wild Drunken Bill September 04, 2007
SCB Syndrome, or Swiss Cheese Brain Syndrome, is the medical condition, caused by excessive intake of such a wide variety and extensive multitude of recreational drugs, whereby the victim's brain resembles Swiss Cheese.

The depth of the syndrom is generally measured by the diameter of the average sized hole or tunnel through the brain, and ranges from very small (just slightly large enough to fit a microdot within) to medium (just large enough to fit a large marijuana seed inside), to extreme (large enough to fit 1 or more trittles inside).
Wife: how could you forget our anniversary? it's on the same day as easter AND your birthday, for fuck's sake!

Husband: you know i have SCB syndrome... i forget these things. that reminds me... i have an appointment with Dr. Kocanweed
by Wild Drunken Bill August 06, 2007

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