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Two separate mosh pits divided by a line of douche bags who refuse to mosh
There's a mosh pit over here and a mosh pit over there, but you bunch of douche bag mosh pit taint are getting in the way, just pick a f'ing side
#mosh #pit #taint #douche #divide
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
When you can't tell if a female co-worker made a tuna sandwich or sat on the counter
Co-worker 1: did you make a tuna sandwich?
Co-worker 2: No why?
Co-worker 1: Wash out that tuna pouch...
#tuna #pouch #gross #sandwich #washing
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
Something that smells terrible but is too cute to stay away from
Scared spectator: Your dog has explosive diarrhea!!!

Owner: Yeah he's such a stinky winker!
#dog #smell #cute #explosive #diarrhea
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
When the Amish mix electricity with fire to sell fireplaces to "the English"

Amish 1: The "heat surge" takes up as much electricity as a coffee maker

Amish 2: You have an electric coffee maker?
#heat #surge #amish #coffee #electricity #fireplace
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
When your co-worker is such a whore you need a full bio-hazard suit to be able to be in the same room

Co-worker 1: I can't believe she is such a whore
Co-worker 2: She's so full of syphilis I think it's airborne.


Girl: What is wrong doctor?

Doctor: You were such a dirty whore you created a new strand of syphilis, I'm afraid you are the cause of airborne syphilis
#syphilis #whore #doctor #std #quantum physics
by wiki wha ??? February 15, 2009
a combination of toothpaste poop and peanut butter placed strategically throughout the hair to create dreadlocks
Person 1: your dreadlocks look great how did you make them
Person 2: I combined my poo with peanut butter and toothpaste of course and thought it would look great in my hair
#dreadlocks #weed #pot #420 #hippies
by wiki wha ??? February 14, 2009
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