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Home of the downtown bloodsucking sluts. These chicks feed off military men. They are prostitutes and ungrateful little nasty tricks who piss on good men. They stink. They turn good men into dogs and playas. They are chicken heads, ghetto as hell. These sluts live in another world. Beware of them they are poison, made of pure poison. They have cum in them, poluted yeast infections, they eat plain ice. Alot of military dudes have falling down in the WAR with these unique Downtown Norfolk slut queens. They want your benefits and comfortable living. They stink!!! They will destroy everything for you and will not care, really. They are easy to have sex with, they throw themselves at you until you break down. These little freaks are a disease. They love to mess it up for you then go back to some of these low life Norfolk herion using nuckleheads with corn rolls.
Norfolk They'll give you STD's, Don't let them move in with you, they love to wreck cars(cadillacs), they will cheat on you when you go on cruise, they will try to get pregnant by you. They'll forge your checks, don't marry none of them, just hit and keep it moving, they will trick you, fool you and hurt you. they braid hair and like to get their hair braided. fake wanna be up north sluts who don't have no identity. they LIE too much. I wish I can call names, but nah. DO NOT trust them. they work at burger kings and other fast food joints, maybe "jaints" in which they like to say. thats why they are victums of domestic violence, a punching bag. they raise kids wrong, they are behind in time, because their game and lies are so elementary. Don't do them no favor. American men, whether you are good, bad, ugly, handsome, thug, and PUNK, watch out and keep away. We need to strike back. This is serious, people need to look into this. I don't care where you are from when you come here, you bests to KNOW that THEY are READY!!! They'll take your money and mess your credit up.
by wiidi November 17, 2006

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