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When you launch two torpedoes in the toilet in one sitting after drinking a Starbucks Double Shot.
Don't buy the Starbucks Double Shots. You'll be doing Double Shots like no tomorrow.
by Wiggz January 15, 2015
Its when you actually load on your palm & slap the shit out of somone(pref. a female). If you wait till it gets cold you get extra points, as a cold load is more offensive.
I dealt that little skeezer a cold "cum slap" for holding out till the second date.
by wiggz September 20, 2006
When shit spews out of your ass. It's like fireworks because it just spews out in little brown, green, or yellow sparklets. Sort of like diarrhea, but it comes quickly and it isn't much.
Been lighting Peninsula Fireworks all day. Don't think the porcelain can take it anymore.
by Wiggz January 15, 2015

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