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In the state of being immensley coverd with jizz.
Wow, that chick is superjizzified.
by Wiggy December 02, 2004
Literally, German for "shit." Commonly used in everyday language meaning "Holy Crap I can't believ that happened!"
After the girl tripped and hit her head on the desk and fell unconcious, the boy exclaimed "Sheisa!"
by wiggy April 17, 2003
Having homesexual intercorse with multipule partners over a short period of time.
Where is Tom?... Oh he is dudesexinitup.
by Wiggy December 02, 2004
Japanese term for Quake.
ahhww....young samurai, your skills are no match for my quizake bhopping.
by wiggy November 10, 2003
A brotha,Insulting or hating on a another brotha.
Yo, Tyrone being a Cenzisse!
by Wiggy June 04, 2003
A, deadly blue sofa bent on blowing up the world.
I sure hate Zinmzozmazaa
by Wiggy June 04, 2003
When you are doing a chick doggy-style and you want to stick it in her ass bot she wont let you, so you punch her in the back of the head and stick it in anyway.
Chicks love it!
I was stickin it in this chick last night, and i donky-punched her!!!
by Wiggy December 02, 2004
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