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fucking douchebag, stinky ass, stoner-drunk, loser gay fags who often suck each others tiny penises, usually suck complete ass at basketball. try to be cool, but are only gay. can't fight worth shit unless the whole "crew" is there, then they'll talk shit all day long, but when your friends showup, they're complete pussies. super fags. white people trying to be black.
joe rodrigues is a wigger(frodo with hair grown out), joe peltier is a wigger(tiny ass shit talker, who stinks. also pisses and moans when he doesn't get XXXL shirts only XLtrue story because XL isn't gangster enough and he likes to make it look like hes wearing a dress, which he might as well because hes so faggish he could just be a woman), kyle varner is a wigger(fuck him, right in the ass with his own bling. also has sex with fat older chickstrue story), shawn jacques is a wigger(parnel. tall, lanky ass mofo that things petty crime makes him cool), justin sarmento is a wigger(obsessed stalker who can't leave rachel alone, even though he cheated on her and lied about it then had gay butt sex with the other 4 in here and still tries to get rachel back even though she doesn't like him at all because hes a complete scumbag loser who tries too hard to be black. then when he feels sad he gets high and drunk with the other 4 and continue their rigorous butt plunging. ),
by wiggers are faggots July 12, 2006

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