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Any toe, but particularly the big toe, infected with nail rotting fungus and or athletes foot.
The party broke up quickly after I got out my stinky toe and showed everybody.
by wifflebird April 08, 2008
Any boat piloted by a homosexual. Particularly when they meet in large groups of boats for the annual "Fagatta."
There goes another poof sloop. Hope they have a gay old time!
by wifflebird April 23, 2008
Another term for an itchy sphincter. Can be caused by remaining "butt particles" i.e. failure to clean properly or by the onset of hemorhoids. May also be caused by sand, dirt, etc. in underwear.
After sitting at the beach for hours, she felt like she had butt spiders making a nest on her bunghole.
by wifflebird April 23, 2008
Any small particulate matter left behind on a toilet seat. This can include, but is not limited to, small dried flakes of poo, small seeds, bits of dirt, etc. This does NOT include "butt smears" or "dookie tracks."
I grossed out over the huge amount of butt particles he left behind on the toilet seat.
by wifflebird April 08, 2008
A gathering of homosexuals on boats, usually away from harbor, for a major gay party. They usually tie their boats up together in groups and then can jump from boat to boat. Slang derived from word "regatta."
The annual fagatta is this weekend. Don't forget your lube!
by wifflebird April 23, 2008
The goo left in the bottom of a boat, fish locker, cooler, etc. after containing fish for a while.
Hey, look out! Don't step in the fish sauce, it's slippery!
by wifflebird April 08, 2008
A store or section thereof dominated primarily by cheap, bulk, bagged items. Can also refer to any place that seems shabby or inhabited by "bag people."
I had to go shopping in Bag City today. That place is a real Bag City.
by wifflebird April 08, 2008

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