1 definition by wicked_zistahs

A person who puts on blush on that resembles that of the cartoon character "Pucca".

A person who is so dumb that she does not even know how to blend her blush on well. Simply put, an imbicile who wears too much blush on.

A person who uses cheek tint and applies it with her index and middle finger resulting to two parallel lines (=) on both cheeks, in which case can also be called "SUPER PUCCA".
Sometimes this person also puts on eyeliner on top of her eyelids way above the acceptable distance, not outlining but drawing another eyelid.
Lola: "Hey, have you seen our office PUCCA today?"

Lolo: "Yes, i must say she looks SUPER PUCCA today!"
by wicked_zistahs April 30, 2010

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