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A hilarious young adult author, secret sister to the vlogbrothers (NERDFIGHTERS FTW), and has a strange obsession with jars.

She's freakishly beautiful but very modest, talented, and has extremely awkward glares and keeps a straight face better than most professional actors.
Normal person: "What the hell? She's so weird."

Nerdfighter: "Noo! She's amazing!"

Follower of Maureen Johnson on Twitter: "Why, Maureen, why?"

Maureen: "Because it's there. Because the hamsters wish it so. Because we can. Because someone has to."
by wicked_cool July 15, 2010
A crazy awesome person who unfortunately gets compared to Idina Menzel, who is also crazy awesome.

She sings and acts with deep passion.
She's also super pretty.

She's just really freaking awesome.
Person #1: "Hey, did you see Eden Espinosa in Wicked?!"

Person #2: "Well, Menzel did it first..."

#1: "Well what about MAUREEN in RENT?!"

#2: "Nope, that was Menzel, too..."

#1: "Well, Eden is still awesome!"

#2: "...Very true. :D "
by wicked_cool July 15, 2010
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