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1 definition by wicked hazel

Any online social network game developer, in this case PLAYDOM, that boots its users from the game after so many clicks and doesn't allow them back on until the top of the hour
Booted after 20 minutes and I was clicking slow.... I cant say I'm shocked and to be quite frank I didn't think it was possible but Playdumb has mastered the definition of DUMBFUCKERY and made their already fucked up booting policy even worse.

Sorry, Sorority Life is temporarily down for maintenance...
If you're bored, try Mobsters and rule MySpace.
Fuck you Carol ^_^ She is just a pie slice of DUMBFUCKERY.

Seriously how moronic is it for a business owner to boot customers out of the store because they have stayed too long. "nope nope you have been here too long. If you can just step outside I'll let you back in at the top of the hour." What DumbFuckery!
by wicked hazel December 06, 2011