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19 definitions by wichita

It's the one people always talk about, the mythical/legendary big one. why isn't it already defined?
Refers to anything big, a big piece of food, a big sex organ, a big butt, or anything else that is big.
Hah! He bit the big one!
by wichita March 16, 2008
Subaru is an 8.2 meter (27.06 foot) optical-infrared telescope located at the summit of Maun Kea in Hawaii. It is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). On the internet, visit www.naoj.org for more information.
The Subaru Telescope is one of the largest telescopes ever built.
by wichita July 03, 2006
What's the lowest thing you can think of? Pond scum! What could be the answer to the energy crisis? Pond scum! Turns out that algae (pond scum) is an excellent source of vegetable oil, which can be turned into bio-diesel and used in place of petroleum based diesel fuel. What a bargain!

1st person: Hey, let's start an algae farm and get in on the pond scum business before it even starts!

2nd person: Huh? WTF?!
by wichita May 06, 2008
Bill Clinton did it. Al Gore almost did it. John Kerry didn't do it. Now Bush is almost gone anyway, licked by time, one might say.
Can anybody lick Bush? Bill Clinton Did!
by wichita October 22, 2008
A goofy guy, usually ugly, who you hang out with sometimes just because you know him from somewhere, like school or work, have similar interests, and can't seem to exclude him without being particularly mean or hateful.
Man, Barge Bohump came over last night and wouldn't leave till we smoked all his weed.
by wichita October 23, 2007
The true meaning of the acronym LSD. Anyone who has had a bad experience with LSD knows this.
I took a four way hit of acid and thought I would never come back. It was like the Last Stage of Death.
by wichita August 05, 2006
A doctor who will give a prescription (or sometimes free samples) for any drug that a patient asks for.
I went to Doctor Dope and got a bunch of diet pills, pain pills and sleeping pills.
by wichita July 10, 2008