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6 definitions by whyzgeye

to alienate a gay
galienate - dont ask dont tell
by whyzgeye December 21, 2010
to ruin something twice.
after i got my job back at dominos i couldnt resist the chance to ted williamson that shit.
by whyzgeye January 13, 2011
a lie; not the truth
i hope nobody finds out about my stunt!
by whyzgeye September 17, 2010
a turd that smokes and burns when it comes out.
get out of my way. i have to go take an epic shit.
by whyzgeye January 12, 2011
considered a compliment among males for fucking the most girls up the butt
yeah man, im probably the biggest asswhore on the east coast!
by whyzgeye December 01, 2010
dark-skin individuals who smell like shit.
why does this chair smell like shit? there must have been an african sitting there.
by whyzgeye November 30, 2010