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Chuckling in my Chair. Much more appropriate and descriptive than the tired old LOL that so many people toss around with abandon. Most people reading things online aren't actually laughing out loud, but they ARE chucling in their chairs! Also more appropriate than LMAO as I'll bet you can't name one person who actually laughed their ass right off.
CIMC! That's pretty funny.
#lol #lmao #funny #chuckling #laughing
by whyme1982 November 14, 2010
Acronym for Chuckling Beyond All Control. A more refined version of LMAO or ROTFLOL! It's doubtful that anyone has read something online that was so hysterical that they actually ended up on the floor, rolling around and laughing.
OMG, CBAC! I swear I almost spit my soda on the keyboard. That's HYSTERICAL!
#rotflol #lmao #hysterical #funny #lol
by whyme1982 November 14, 2010
The new catchphrase to be used anytime there's a completly misleading headline followed by a nonsensical article or video. For whatever reason, Yahoo "news" has decided to specialize in this form of "journalism"
What in the hell was that? What a yahoo story! It didn't even make sense.
#yahoo story #yahoo news #nonsense #stupid #fake
by whyme1982 March 27, 2012
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