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The person who steps outside his/her marriage/committed relationship and takes a lover. That person makes the choice to risk his/her committed relationship, and should be recognized as the true home wrecker, not the lover.
He called his lover a home wrecker once the wife caught on to their relationship. His lover said "You are the one who made the choice to wreck your home, not me."
by whyme? September 01, 2008
A watery cum spray.
Kim: "Honey, you know I love you but your jizzel is stinging my back."

Mike: "Listen babe, once I launch it, I don't care where it lands or what it does."
by WhyMe? February 13, 2014
Term derived from the US Navy. When three sailors that work different shifts are required share a bed, each getting its use for an eight hour shift. Thus the bed (bunk) is always in use, always warm. i.e. hot bunk.

Term also describes the situation when a man-whore is bedding multiple women at times that nearly overlap. Thus the bed is in constant use and always warm. i.e hot bunk.
"Dick has always taken pride at hot bunking women. Too bad none of them weighed less than 400 pounds."
by WhyMe? January 10, 2014
Sex with a temporarily dead (flatlined) person. aka: the Cumberland Fishtank.
"Sorry, I thought the prisoner was really dead but I guess he was dead for only a minute or two. I hope he doesn't find out I necroflatlined him."
by WhyMe? January 03, 2014
The smell of an very sexually active man’s bed several months after a divorce, where his ex-wife normally did the laundry. aka: Mystery Sheets
Friend 1: “Damn, what the hell reeks? It smells is a thousand types of perfume, sweat and … regret.”

Friend 2: “Oh yeah, my sheets haven’t been washed since Bonnie moved out. Guess I have hot bunk skunk. Been so busy hot bunking the women that I haven't gotten around to wash the sheets.”
by WhyMe? January 10, 2014

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