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A town in NWI that is near Crown Point, Dyer, Schererville, and Cedar Lake. This town is definitely the snobbiest out of the tri-town area towns. Although most of the kids feed into Lake Central High School, these people act like they deserve their own high school separate from the "lesser" Schererville and Dyer people who may be just as well-off. They already got their own elementary and middle school so they are almost there! Kids from Saint John act like if you do not have a new house and new car, and new Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, that you don't have money. Also, the kids here like to pretend that they are from Chicago when in reality, many of their parents will not let them go because they are convinced that the whole city is ghetto. The worst part is that most Saint John residents used to live in nice places like Schererville and Dyer but moved to Saint John ONLY because it was the next big thing and so they can brag about how well they think they are doing while their friends in Schererville and Dyer enjoy their paid off cars and homes. Saint John is nothing but Faketown, USA.
Kid 1: Look over there...a douche from Saint John, Indiana!

Kid 2: How do you know?

Kid 1: Well between the brand new Lexus with the fact sheet still on the window, the A & F outfit with the tags still on them, and the fact that he lives in a brand new house in Lake Hills...yeah, I would say he lives in Saint John.

Kid 1: Ah I see!...But wait...how do you know where he lives?

Kid 2: He used to live in Schererville but his dad got a promotion and they moved. I used to be friends with him, but then he turned into a major douche!

Kids 1: Wow that's fucked up!

Kid 2: Eh, I don't care. His house is being foreclosed on now anyway.
by whydoyoucare1 March 31, 2011

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