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a really nice store- similar to abercrombie and fitch..but a lot cheaper..and a lot of stereotypical ppl talk trash bout..gooodness; if you cant afford a 15 dollar t-shirt thenn go to the clearance rack and get them for 10 bucks..yeah their clearance rack has cute clothign for under 10 bucks too! alot of ppl can afford 10 or 15 dollar tshirts but just trash on the store because they have no reason to hate on ppl who wear it. just calm down everyone.if you like the clothing; buy it, if you don't; just go shop at your other clothing store that is probably same price for a tshirt.
hollister is awesome..cute clothing for basically anyone that has a descent looking body!
by whydoesitmatter July 17, 2005
A store that many people hate on for unclear reasons. It's a clothing store selling good quality shirts for people who are in good shape. There is no reason to trash the store because you are jealous of people who have money and have a good body to fit into nice looking cothing. If you think torn or vintage style clothing is garbage; think again- its a style; just like any other clothing store out there. They are expensive beccuse they have good quality that won't shrink in one washing cycle. It is a typical store that sells clothes and tells people nothing of your personality. I used to hate this store because I thought it was for rich preps or stuck up brats, but after I shopped at the outlet once; that changed my mind. If its too much money, go shop at the outlet; no one would know! You can get really cute and nice clothing and tshirts for 10 bucks. Yeah, I don't think that is expensive at all. If you hate abercrombie and fitch, there's only one reason: jealousy.. So people should stop being so stereotypical about a normal clothing store.
Ignorant girl: 'Omg, that girl is wearing abercrombie and fitch; i hate her so much; she's a stuck up brat''

*my theory proved- even if you dont know the person dont trash on them because their style of clothing is different from yours
by whydoesitmatter July 17, 2005
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