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'The' Network 54 forum:
Permanently stuck in 2003 and inhabited by bitter ageing music aficionados who are content in spending almost every minute of the day staring at a black and gray background repeatedly hitting refresh, while trying to think of something clever to: post/reply/one up.
"That fake login merked the hell out of heyrichey on dot org last night."
by whydoesitalwaysrainonsaturday February 15, 2008
A second rate Network 54 forum.
(dot org's poorer, less attractive, younger, unwanted, cousin to be concise)
"I am quite suprised 10 donkeys punching is still up and running, you'd have thought they'd killed eachother off by now."

"True...that and it is 2008."
by whydoesitalwaysrainonsaturday February 15, 2008

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