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2 definitions by why do you care

Cant be defined, more described... In case
someone at UVA hasn't already made it clear to you, they are better than you for no other reason than the fact that they go to UVA. Its a sad day when a person has to see a good friend go off to this ego boosting pit of crap cuz you know they are going to come back a pompous ass hole. If you're really lucky they will join a fraternity, which not only makes them even more better than you, it also puts them above the GDI's at UVA. Come on, when is the last time UVA had a good football team. For as long as I can remember they are going to be "good" this year, yep this is definitely the year...
Hey, I go to UVA. Oh yea did you know I am better than you cuz you dont go there. You are inferior to me cuz i go to UVA. Who would win in a fight, UVA or God?
Trick question UVA is God, duh.
Straight up, UVA sucks.
by why do you care May 06, 2005
A brand of clothing that people who have too much money choose to wear. Comes in many bright and obnoxiously colors. Can be worn with popped/broken collars or double layering the shirts. Loved in communities like Summit where the trend of polo wearing is handed down generation to generation.
That catty girl over there is wearing a pink polo with the collar popped; lets go slap her.
by why do you care January 26, 2005