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1. hottest guy that will ever exist
2. someone who will never grow old (as in ever)
1. omg shahrukh is so amazingly fine that i just want him
2. shahrukh is not 1080 years old, hes 39
by why do u care? November 22, 2004
one fine indian...HOTTTIIIEE!!!
Man, do i want him or WHAT!?
that vivek oberoi is the sexiest man on the universe and hes all mine
by why do u care? November 23, 2004
1. someone who is obsessed with humping and fucking random things
2. the most hilarious person eveerrr
1. mr.man : have u ever fucked a network cord?
arushi : once, last winter
2. arushi is funny...HAHAHA
by why do u care? November 21, 2004
1. a person that botoxes their buttocks
2. a grrrrr88 friend
3. the funniest person that is in love with bob because of his lovely eyes
1. she's a divya
2. she's my divya
3. divya wants to do bob
by why do u care? November 21, 2004
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