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Lending a friend money to get drunk, or to escape from a pregnant girl friend.
Person 1: Man i wanna get drunk.
Person 2: Need some Fly Money Dude?
by whty February 09, 2008
When you go to a party with an Empty pop bottle and get everyones skunk piss/bottom of drinks.
Person 1: I call bottoms
Party: Man thats sick as fuck.
Person 1: but it gets you balls deep in drunkness.
by whty February 09, 2008
is when u say Im gonna have to call mandown then all your friends chip in a couple buck to get you drunk.
Person 1: im gonna have to call man down this weekend.
Drinking buddies: alright but this is the last time ur gonna have to get a job u called it last weekend.
by whty February 09, 2008

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