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3 definitions by whorebasket

n. (pronounced vaj-TA-stick, with the short A sound as in apple)

A journey that involves exploring the world of vaginas.

Also, a clever title for a porn film (as used in the film "Superbad")
ex 1) Dude, I'm going on a vagtastic voyage at the sorority tonight!

ex 2) Yo man, I just whacked off to Vagtastic Voyage
by whorebasket October 07, 2007
A lesbian fanatic; one who is obsessed with lesbians
source: youtube's user "whorebasket" has many lesbian videos
That guy is such a whorebasket!
by whorebasket December 29, 2006
One with an uncontrollable acne problem
Jeez, did you see that kids face? Definitely a gizwaffle.
by whorebasket January 10, 2007