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all these kids in hockessin think they live in the ghetto and try to be cool by drinking and smoking but really they arent.. they think they are "gangsta" and say they are from the ghetto.. sorry hunni big ass houses arent really what i consider "ghetto" they are like yeahh i smoke pot and i live rite near the city of wilmington yeahh im cool. haha riiteee ur a rich white bitch who wears rocawear and trys to be black.. hmm why dont you just know ur white ;)
hockeseein #1 - i live in the ghetto
hockeseein #2- uhh no dog we live in hockessin
hockeseein #1- yeah but we still down
hockeseein #2- werrdd
by whorebag March 01, 2005

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