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A band that is absolutely amazing.
They were formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997.

If you ever call them emo, you automatically deserve to get punched in the face. They are emotional but so much deeper than emo. Some call them indie-pop but they can't be completely classified.

Although their latest album, Codes and Keys, is not as amazing as the others, it is still great.
In my opinion, their best CD is probably Transatlanticism. The songs have so much meaning to them.

Honestly, if you ever thought your relationship was too unique or special to be summed up in a song, look to Death Cab, they've been there, done that.
Idiot: Hurr durr, Death Cab for Cutie is a dumb emo band! Hurr durr!
Me: They are n-
Idiot: Their songs actually make you think! How awful!
Me: That's a go-
Idiot: Listen to good stuff like Kesha!
Me: I'm done with this -punches idiot-
by whoooot1234 June 05, 2011

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