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A city of some kind people & some not,and some amazing sexi chicks & some not.. Hoes 'n sluts! that get pimped smacked,bitch!
also a city of fine smokin hot cars
& a huge group of tuners with civic tuned up to 630hp!
and friendly asian people,not the fuck ups one with there "AzN Pr1DE MuH Nigg@S"!....but the people who have pride in there culture
& who cares about housing costs,Pay to play,vancouver is truly free...why?...ah shit,u can smoke weed in the street if ur into that thing,do whatever the hell u want like hitting the clubs & eating at hooters w/ hoes!...well Some arent!..some are smokin hot models..oo yeaa!....
please,no one think vancouvers a bad place w/ shootings and robbings...thats only in the Ghetto Ass Ghetto parts where they Say Kraft dinner is Too Expensive to buy
and for some reason in Vancouver,you Get stop'd more if you have chrome Wheels....like in a caddy ...ah fuck off for that....watch for urself,each time u see a car stop'd or SUV,it has chrome wheels.....For what reason i dont know why.
in vacouver spider ferrari f430,this smokin blonde chick came along but i had to a smack a ho!,get that new trailer trash in the city out muh fuckin face be4 i put the foot up the ass,trying to marry a Playa for her 2nd time
damn,this ferrari is getting tired,let me pick up a orange Murcielago roadster
"oOOo,check out her big titTyZ,nah fuc that,im a rich playaa,fuk that bitch son!" >:D,dont claim'em,just bang'em!,but i dont need that i got enough! & she cant even make my top ten list! look at all my super models!.

me in spider F360: hey its a honda,lets race
civic: hell yeaa...ya okay,line it up like yo bitch on da bed!
me:wat...oh u fucked up now,son
civic: whaha,600 under the hood,cya!!!..let me hit the N20,681hp!
me in shitty 360 spider:ah fuck,he's 8 car lenths ahead,better throw this shit away 'n order that new f430 or an used Enzo.

vancouver rocks,son!...it doesnt take along time to have fun soon as your there
where my hoe's @
by whoo_Kid October 11, 2006

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