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An arts high school in Toront by Castle Frank station. The school is renowned for it's welcoming atmosphere.

Rosedale Heights' includes friendly students usually with eccentric ideals and clothing styles, as well as some 'trendy' pretentious students who are very fake in their encounters with other Rosedalians.

If you see a kid on the subway wearing a knit mult-coloured cap and purple tight pants, he/she most likely goes to Rosedale Heights.

Rosedale is also a place of immense marijuana culture. People are not very discreet in smoking near the property.
"Will you be making an appearance in the Gay Pride Parade tonight?"
"oh no i'm not gay. I'm wearing these tight leather pants and this pink t-shirt because i'm a Rosedale Heights trend-setter."
"Oh okay Bob."

"I smell weed"
"Rosedale Heights is across the bridge."
by whoisjennifer March 17, 2009

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