2 definitions by whoisblank1

A plastic portable bathroom that has a mound of poo up the honey hole.
Dude, somebody crapped on the giant mound of poo and now its over the seat cover of the porta-shitter

Are they ever going to clean the porta-shitter?

Have you seen a porta-shitter?

Im going to drop the chiefs off at sea.
by whoisblank1 April 13, 2010
When you have to take a big dump but cant because you are indisposed, and a slight tingly feeling can be felt on your butt hole that feel like vibrations that are produced when a banjo is played.
I have a huge turtlehead that is starting to banjo

my butt hole feels like it is playing a banjo

Im banjoing so bad right now I might squeal like a pig.
by whoisblank1 April 13, 2010

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