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a nickname given to my friend Katie
Katie+ Satan= Katan
She is the epitomy of pure untainted evil.... and i still love the gal to death
Brad: KATAN!!!
Katie: What?!?!
Katie: okay..... whatever floats your boat....
by whogivesafuck February 22, 2005
a kick ass band that has the kick ass songs and that everyone will soon worship and i am a control freak and will take over the world with the killers music and everyone will worship me because i play the killers
"Im comin out of my cage and ive been doin just fine...."
by whogivesafuck February 24, 2005
term used to describe girls and some guys from SJC, Dematha, and Prep.
i went up to Dematha and saw soem fruitlicious motherfuckers.
by whogivesafuck February 16, 2003

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