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An actual unit of measurement. Just below an ass-load and right above a fuck-load. Consider two million views for a YouTube video in two days as an example.
"...but this video did get just under two million views in about two days-which is what scientists and scholars refer to as a shit-ton of views."
-Ray William Johnson from the =3 episode "WANNA FIGHT?"
by whodyathink?BITCH!! October 08, 2011
1. Emoticon meaning speechless or an emoticon indicating a poker face.

2. The annoying-ass face you see on the screen of a Youtube video when it has been removed.
1. Rob123: Hey didn't you have sex with Julia last night?

BadAzz69: Yup. She loved it.

Rob123: Nice man! How was it?

Badazz69: It was great, and we did it for an hour.

Rob123: Sweet bro!

Badazz69: Yeah I kno... :\

Rob123: What?

Badazz69: My mom just walked in. gtgbye

*Badazz69 has been disconnected.*

2. Jason: Hey! Its a link to Friday! *clicks on link*

Youtube screen:

:\ Rebecca Black...

This video is no longer available due to a copyright

claim by Rebecca Black.

Sorry about that.

Jason: WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
by whodyathink?BITCH!! October 16, 2011

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