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Anything that is way beyond atrocious; horrendously atrocious.
Whitey dances horrociously.
by whoak March 16, 2010
When a person for fun types a search phrase into Google (and is given a drop-down menu of choices of some of the most popular search phrases) in order to see what are the most popular Google searches.
You wouldn’t believe the top phrase that showed up yesterday as I was soothgoogling.
by whoak March 12, 2010
v. Skiing or snowboarding while under the influence of marijuana.
Dude, the only thing more dangerous than skiweeding is LSDskiing.
by whoak January 08, 2010
n. Marijuana smoked while skiing or snowboarding.
Dude, I almost ran into a tree because of your crazy skiweed.
by whoak January 08, 2010
When you sign up for Progressive car insurance and then find out you could have saved more with Geico.
Dude, those Progressive commercials really Flojob a lot of potential customers.
by whoak May 07, 2010
To deeply feel something when something is said to you.
v. Yo, that affects me, you know what I'm sayin'?
by Whoak October 22, 2010
n. To program computer code mediocrely (at the very best) within a governmental agency. In the private sector, such coding would result in immediate firing. Whereas, such coding in the governmental sphere is lauded as brilliant and even groundbreaking often resulting in a promotion.

v. To attempt to program at the level of a remedial 1st year DeVry student.
System Analyst 1: She biddled the code so badly it feels like I am picking the corn outta crap to make it even remotely work. I'll be even luckier if the compiler does not blow up turning it into machine code.

System Analyst 2: I used to call her The Riddler b/c of her confusing and unviable code but I think she has sunk to the level of The Biddler.
by Whoak October 01, 2010
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