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2 definitions by whoabaybay

A term used by writers of "Cowboy and Indian" movies generally spoken to define a white person. However, it is not known if this word was used by Native Americans in real-life.
Native American: How, paleface!
White guy: Will you trade your furs for my shiny guns?
by whoabaybay July 04, 2007
1. A great place to go when your central air-condition breaks.

2. A great place to go when you want to wander a asphalt desert in search of you vehicle.

3.A great place to buy cheap objects that are a pitiful excuse for clothing.

4.A monopolizing facist conglomerate "American business" even though most of thier products obviously come from Chinese sweat-shops.
1.Kid: Mommy!!!! I'm hot, why isn't the air on?
Mommy: Dear, the air broke.
Kid and Mommy together: Lets go to Wal-mart!!!

2.Dude1: Where's my car?
Dude2: IDK.

3.Teen1: OMG my shirt just got a hole!
Teen2:It's bc you got it at Wal-mart, duh.

4.Chinese worker: Ching-chong pay me more!
American consumer: Hells no I like shopping at Wal-mart!

by whoabaybay July 04, 2007